Serverless Chats is a podcast designed to geek out on everything serverless. Each week, Jeremy Daly (serverless advocate, AWS Serverless Hero, and Off-by-none founder) and Rebecca Marshburn (serverless enthusiast, Community at Common Room, and former AWS Heroes coordinator), chat with other serverless champions to explore topics and trends in the serverless space.

Latest Episode

Episode #137: The Best of Serverless Chats (Part 1)

May 16, 2022 • 54 minutes

In this two part episode, Jeremy and Rebecca discuss some of their favorite moments from the last 30 episodes cohosting the show together.

Previous Episode

Episode #136: Serverless Transformation with Sarah Hamilton

May 9, 2022 • 43 minutes

On this episode, Jeremy and Rebecca chat with Sarah Hamilton about moving from MVPs to massively scalable serverless teams, the ideal ways of working versus the reality, integration testing strategy for EventBridge, serverless community building, and so much more.