Serverless Chats is a podcast designed to geek out on everything serverless. Each week, Jeremy Daly, serverless advocate, AWS Serverless Hero, and Off-by-none founder, chats with another serverless champion to explore and do a deep-dive into specific topics in the serverless space.

Latest Episode

Episode #55: Serverless PHP using Bref with Matthieu Napoli

June 29, 2020 • 39 minutes

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Matthieu Napoli about why PHP is still an important part of the web landscape, how Bref can help you make existing PHP workloads serverless, and whether or not PHP devs will embrace serverless design patterns.

Previous Episode

Episode #54: Coordinating Cloud Engineers and Serverless Developers with Joe Duffy

June 22, 2020 • 49 minutes

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Joe Duffy about the biggest challenges for teams working in the cloud, how infrastructure-as-code (IaC) helps teams collaborate better, the distinction between serverless developers and cloud engineers, and a lot more.