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Episode #41: Communication Patterns in Serverless with Paul Swail

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Paul Swail about the types of messaging systems available from AWS, how to use them with your serverless applications, and why thinking asynchronously is important to building resilient systems.

Episode #40: HTTP APIs for API Gateway with Eric Johnson and Alan Tan

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Eric Johnson and Alan Tan about why HTTP APIs should be your first choice, the path to REST API feature parity, how private integrations work, implementing CORS and authentication more easily, and so much more.

Episode #39: Big Data and Serverless with Lynn Langit

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Lynn Langit about why big data is outgrowing traditional systems, how bioinformatics and genomics are generating the biggest data scale ever seen, and why serverless and the cloud are making it easy for researcher to process this data faster and more economically.

Episode #38: From Digital to Serverless Transformation with Ben Ellerby

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Ben Ellerby about the evolution from digital to serverless transformation, why hands-on experience is important to understanding what serverless actually is, the current problems with complexity, and why you can't be cloud native without embracing some form of lock-in.

Episode #37: The State of Serverless Education with Dr. Peter Sbarski

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Dr. Peter Sbarski about why education is the key to serverless adoption, how certifications help build stronger teams, what traditional institutions need to do to adapt to the new cloud economy, and much more.

Episode #36: The Cloud Database Landscape with Suphatra Rufo

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Suphatra Rufo about how enterprises are migrating data to the cloud, why the cloud database market is shifting to NoSQL, and the hybrid database strategy that companies need to adopt.

Episode #35: Advanced NoSQL Data Modeling in DynamoDB with Rick Houlihan (Part 2)

Jeremy continues his conversation with Rick Houlihan about NoSQL Data Modeling. They discuss why you likely don't want to use LSIs, when sharding is necessary, the benefits of denormalization, how to efficiently store large document deltas, and much more.

Episode #34: Advanced NoSQL Data Modeling in DynamoDB with Rick Houlihan (Part 1)

Jeremy chats with Rick Houlihan about the use cases for NoSQL, why single table designs are so powerful, ways to model relational data with GSIs, and so much more in PART 1 of this two-part conversation.

Episode #33: The Frontlines of Serverless with Yan Cui

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Yan Cui (aka theburningmonk) about how companies are adopting and implementing serverless, the current state of frameworks and developer tools, and what we should expect from serverless in the future.

Episode #32: Customizing Serverless for Custom Ink with Ken Collins

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Ken Collins about Custom Ink's approach to adopting serverless, why they built Lamby to enable Ruby on Rails on Lambda, and why best practices don't always equal customer value.

Episode #31: Voice Automation with Serverless with Aleksandar Simovic

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Aleksandar Simovic about the evolution and predictability of voice interface technology, how serverless helped commoditize it for home and business use cases, and what the future of conversations with intelligent agents will look like.

Episode #30: What to expect from serverless in 2020 with James Beswick

In this episode, Jeremy chats with James Beswick about the most popular serverless tools and services companies are adopting, how built-in cloud features are making apps more resilient, and what serverless will look like in 2020.

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