Shining a light on the people who make serverless awesome! ⚡️

Serverless Spotlight is our way of going beyond our Serverless Chats, and focusing on the latest and greatest contributions and projects from members of the serverless community.

In this video series, Jeremy speaks with individuals about what they’re working on in serverless, including:

  • Projects/tools
  • Products/feature releases
  • Blog posts/articles
  • Conferences/initiatives
  • And more...

Each episode will appear on YouTube, and will feature one guest and a five to ten minute conversation about their current project. If you are working on something awesome in the serverless space, we invite you to sign up to be a guest so that you can tell the serverless community about your work.

Our team reviews all submissions and will reach out to you with details on preparing for and recording your episode. For more information or questions about the show or the guest signup process, email us at